Sea view Apartments at the Yensabai Condo

Yensabai Condo Since 1990, we offer inexpensive rooms and apartments for short term holiday or for long term residential rent. They are situated in Soi Yensabai in the heart of Pattaya. The central areas are reachable by a short footwalk. If you prefer there are many motorcycle taxis and Baht Busses available. Our sea view properties provide you a beautiful view on the Pattaya bay, while our land view apartments guarantee great rates.
Yensabai Condo — where all our offers are located — provides 24×7 security and video surveillance for maximum security.All accommodations offered are located in South Pattaya, a very quiet neigbourhood, centrally located in the heart of Pattaya. Nearby are great shopping opportunities. The condo is also very easy to reach without a car. To spare you the hassle of cleaning work, you can also use our room service.